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The Internet has disintermediated (or is disintermediating) all the services that involve brokers and real estate industry is no different. A hefty amount used to be paid to the real estate agents which were unnecessary on your part. Magic Key Properties is here with their web portal where you can buy, sell or rent properties across the Bangalore. In today scenario, we trade for most of the things online, now is the time for the property.

In fact, real estate business ideally suits the net-based model. On one hand, you have the seller who wishes to sell the property and, on another hand, there is a buyer who is willing to buy one. The seller lists the property on the web portal. If a buyer finds the property suitable, buyer and seller come to an agreement.

MagicKeyProperties.com decided to provide with this single platform for property selling, buying and renting feature because the brain behind it realized that clients, especially millennials, find it hassle to work with the middle person, be it, brokers or agents. With an online platform such as this one, they can get all the information at a single click. There is no inconvenience of calling anyone again and again to seek information on the property.

We are a comprehensive web real estate resource that aims to help you buy, sell or rent a perfect home for your family or office for your business.

www.magickeyproperties.com is one of the best online real estate agency that has been altering the way property transactions takes place in Bangalore, India. You no more have to run around after an agent but also friends or relatives to get the information about the property in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or across the country for that matter. Simply log on to our website, choose your desired city, select whether you want to buy, sell or rent the property, get all the details and you are good to go. We take pride in dramatically simplifying property buying, selling and renting process.

Well, these are not the only advantages you enjoy from a property portal, here are few more that form part of the service package:-

  • In the era of hashtags, you get everything instantly-food, medicine, advice then why not property related information as well. Like property agents, online real estate service won’t irritate you. You will not have to chase anyone to seek the information.
  • Since you are not dependant on any of your relative, friend, family member or broker, you can work at your own pace. No one pressurises you to seal the deal. You have an independent source round the clock.
  • The property portal is available across the nation, so, there is no chance of any biases or manipulation. A property agent may influence you to earn a good amount of commission and you may end up buying a piece that doesn’t suit much to your needs.
  • The online real estate service is absolutely free. You need not shell out a large amount of fee as in the case of the broker.

MagickeyProperties.com with 7 years of goodwill in real estate sector promises to provide you with innumerable options in regards to commercial properties, houses, villas, independent houses, 1,2 or 3 BHK flats, plots, office space, shops, luxury homes, sites, etc. In other words, we endeavour miles of commercial and residential properties to facilitate your property buying experience. Therefore, you can log onto our website for a delightful collection of villas, home, shops, plots, sites, new projects, etc in coastal, city, rural or any setting for that matter.

Whether or not you ever had a bad experience while buying a property, online real estate service is for each one of you. Online services are popular not only in India but across the world. They open many avenues by giving multiple options with complete details. So, if you wish to buy flat in Bangalore or other cosmo or metropolitan cities, this website provides you with a whole new world of information with respect to properties.

With each day passing on, the popularity of online real estate services is touching skies, especially for sellers. And why wouldn’t it, new people prefer online service. Listing property online proffers explicit advantages to the sellers such as:-

  • These days, most of the people search online for listings and service of real estate.
  • Online property buyers make better clients.
  • Online marketing is cost effective and much more comfortable than getting it done by firms.
  • A website makes it possible for people to access double the listings.
  • It provides first level information to the seller.

So, before you decide to spend lots of money offline, browse the internet first. You will save a lot in terms of efforts, money and time.

This is not it, if you have any confusion related to the value of a property, you can calculate it using propworth calculator. With the help of it, you can determine the worth of a property anytime and anywhere. The current market price of the property can be calculated easily, quickly and effortlessly. Begin with selecting the city, area,  kind of property you intend to sell such as villa, house, site, shop, office, builder floor, followed by the area and you are good to go. If there will be any scope of price variation, the same will be conveyed to you.

Moreover, it is completely free to post your property on the website.

The advent of buying or selling over the web is no more limited to day-to-day products. The service has been extended to high value items as well including property. Although selling or purchasing a property is not an easy task to undertake. Initially, a property may appear to be fascinating when you don’t have complete information in the first place. Also, you may face pressure from agents as well. However, online you can check out as many properties as you wish and switch over the agents as well easily. Moreover, there are chances that a property you would have otherwise missed, that will not happen online. Online real estate portals provide you with a virtual showcase of property, therefore, it is better to go with them before you explore other expensive avenues.

MagicKeyProperties.com allow you to find every detail about a piece of property. Simply research for the state or city you are interested in and we will provide you with prestigious real estate companies with the latest listings to choose from. Complete details with photos make it easier for you to take the decision of taking things further or not.

In fact, if you are looking for a place, you can also check facilities available around it which consists of hospitals, parks, restaurants, clubs, train, bus stand, airport, ATM, banks, gym, petrol pump, malls, departmental store, etc.

MagicKeyProperties.com makes your experience of buying a property pleasure as you get help from professionals and you enjoy a satisfactory deal. You can find a commercial property as well as a house for sale in Bangalore and other places across India for a new, sound and content investment.

If you have negligible experience hunting down a real estate then it is better to delegate this job to someone who is immersed in this field. However, it is neither easy to deal with a real estate agent. You have to make sure you don’t end up buying or selling a property under anyone’s pressure. Then there is the issue of hefty commission charges. However, you face such problems only when you lack guidance from someone. You choose an unreliable dealer. But there are no such issues when you select a real estate broker online as they are certified market experts, rated & reviewed by users. They will get you the best deal without nagging you. You just have to be clear and vocal about your choices, so that they can help you narrow down amongst options without taking much time.

So, if you are looking for real estate in Bangalore or other cities (as listed on our web portal), contact our real estate agents in Bangalore or other cities respectively. No worries, they are nothing like you contact outside.

MagicKeyProperties.com is more than for direct buyers and sellers. The platform is for everyone including brokers. We understand how much time and effort it takes to make an offer. Maybe that’s why people still opt for an agent and don’t deal directly with sellers. An online property portal saves your time in writing those offers for a single piece of land that already have 5 other offers. You must have fought bidding wars on the property which you didn’t win. So much of efforts and nil return. However, you will not face any such problems in case of internet transactions. This platform is as much for you to use to your advantage as much it is for buyers and sellers.

If you do not seek help from a real estate agent and yet want answers to your queries, use our ‘expert advice’ feature. There you can explore various localities, compare two localities & projects going on. Also, you can undertake smart search where you will be guided according to your requirement i.e. if you are looking for property for the purpose of self use or investment.

If you have any query that has not been covered in general, you can ask it specifically on our ‘ask forum’. Similarly, if you do not find your dream property online, post your requirement with complete details online. Choose between rent or buy, select property type, budget, number of rooms, construction status, floor preference, area, locality. And it will be accompanied by your personal information.  Once you are done with this, one of our experts will get back to you to guide you.

You can also opt for our daily or weekly alert service.

We believe in better home buying and selling experience, if you believe in it too, then this platform is right here for you!